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Computer Prof’ls (Edison, NJ) IT Firm

Posted 4 years ago

Software Engineer

Position # 900002.

Duties incl.:

  1. Application structure developed using yeoman generator for creating mean full stack applications, using ES6, MongoDB, Express, React, Node, Redux, Flowtype, native react
  2. Build client and server side application using NodeJS, react
  3. Develop proof of concept models using New software and services, scale and to enable seamless services deployment across Headend and remote VCMTS components
  4. Develop Responsive components for FQDN devices and interact functionality to render corresponding data sets of nodes
  5. Using NodeJS to Generate API and consume the endpoint in front end
  6. Created GraphQL server and schema to front end to consume
  7. Using GraphQL Apollo-client to generate queries to fetch data
  8. Involved in software development life cycle (SDLC), which includes requirement gathering, Designing, coding, and testing
  9. Used HTML5, JavaScript(ES6) and CSS3(SASS) for building the UI web page;
  10. Used Flowtype to check type consistency and errors in compile time
  11. Used react router and Redux to build the MVC of the spa (single page application)
  12. Worked with The SASS preprocess to simplify writing the CSS styles
  13. Implemented react.js code to handle cross browser compatibility issues in Mozella, IE 7, 8, 9, Safari and FF
  14. Worked on react.js virtual DOM and react views, rendering using components which contains additional Components called custom HTML tags
  15. Implemented client-side validation in different modules by using AngularJS 1.5 and HTML5
  16. Responsible for react UI and architecture. Building components library, including tree, slide-view, and table grid
  17. Used Middlewares like Cookie-parser on node.js to help implement session
  18. Used Middlewares like Thunk to handle Redux action returns
  19. Used express Framework on node.js for quick development
  20. Created restful APIS in node.js environment for the SPA to consume and test its navigation and functionality; implement the SPA using the mean stack
  21. Used MongoDB as database for the data storage of personal information, payment history, documents and statements
  22. Integrated Webpack into the project for front-end development tasks such as Transpiling, Minifying, Auto loading, and deploying
  23. Used Jenkins as continue integration Devops to implement UAT automation tests
  24. Used rally as UR development tasks card dashboard and reporting dashboard;
  25. Used GIT for version control across common source code used by developers;
  26. Used Agile Development methodology and scrum team structure for the development process.


Master’s in COMPUTER SCIENCE, MATH, IT, CE, ENGG (ANY) or related field

Position # 900002.
Send resume with proof of work eligibility to:
HR, Position #, Azure Consulting Services, 345 Plainfield Ave, Suite 205, Edison, NJ– 08817.

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